Ram Fortress – Serbia

ClientT. C. Prime Ministry / Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency - TİKA
Detail3000 m2
LocationRam, Serbia

Ram Fortress

It is not known when the original city was built, but it is certainly one of the oldest castles in the region. The Ottomans did not destroy the Roman monumental tomb, but built the castle instead. Sultan Bayazid II built the existing fortifications into a regular pentagon with a maximum length of 34 m (112 ft) and a length of 26 m (85 ft), designed to withstand the cannon war. The city consists of five towers on four floors (three floors and ground floor), three of which are east and two west. There are four corner towers outside the castle. The side facing the front and the castle is surrounded by a low wall in front and a large dry ditch. The city entrance is located in the castle on the southwest side of the castle. Wall fireplaces that are rare in the medieval buildings of this region have been preserved in them. The city’s moat lies in the southeast tower and lies a bridge that leads to a gap between the castle and the surrounding low walls. In all the walls except the west, the decorations are placed at the same distance from the tower.

The five towers have a total of 36 artillery armour, which means they need at least 100 soldiers to run their artillery. In general, the castle has an internal structure different from the other castles during this period. It also had a civil purpose and found the remnants of the fireplaces on the upper floors.